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This former radio professional finds space for the real-real of mamahood, singlehood, married hood, and adulthood. With her Ph.D. in perspective, KB provides a safe place to discuss all seasons, reasons, and walks of life. It’s a Christ-centered, laughable version of life discussions with vulnerability and a healthy dose of comedic realness. Buckle up and get ready to laugh your way through the tough stuff with grace and a girlfriend’s girlfriend riding shotgun. A podcast village to trust, in Kristen we Brust.

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god bless texas : : : and the collective beat of your hearts 5.27.22

God bless you Uvalde, Texas and every heartbeat Heaven gained from you this week. whew. a heavy and layered world. grieving, learning, rerouting, grieving some more. learning to navigate, oh and then learning to navigate the navigation. are. we. tired. or. what. grab every single one of your feelings, come in and curl up. let’s just sit. it’s ok to not be ok. and even if that’s as much as we know, we have a place to start. stay safe. stay compassionate. stay connected. pinky swear ok? ok.  i love you. too much.

xoxo ::: kb.


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a Wholly Holy week : : : breathe in renewed hope 4.13.22

a week without rush or any extra “yes”. a week to dig in the garden dirt, boil eggs, hunt down butter lambs ((iykyk)). a week to create a Holy feast menu. a week to rest in traditions and sacredness of the ones before us. a week to plant hope in your tired heart because we have the ultimate gift of knowing how this week ends ((or doesn’t end and never will)), for He is Risen indeed.

xoxo ::: kb.

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