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This former radio professional finds space for the real-real of mamahood,

 singlehood, married hood and adulthood. With her Ph.D. in perspective, KB provides a safe place to discuss all seasons, reasons, and walks of life. It’s a Christ-centered, laughable version of life discussions with vulnerability and a healthy dose of comedic realness. Buckle up and get ready to laugh your way through the tough stuff with grace and a girlfriend’s girlfriend riding shotgun. A podcast village to trust, in Kristen we Brust.


latest episode

Truth Over Volume : : : You decide who gets volume and a “shhhhhh”  11.17.20

Volume doesn’t mean truth. Opinions are the new virus ••• the noise is at all time high and popular people suddenly got magical expert powers—plus you’ve got discerning to do over your family, workload, health. Lord hear our prayers. Let’s turn down alllllll the volume, and let’s talk real about the house party noise level that is 2020.

We’ve got more choices and more freedoms than we know. And it all starts with who gets muted. You aren’t alone, boo boo. Get in here. Let’s find some truth.

xoxo ::: kb.

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